So, you’re on your trip, you can’t wait to tell your friends and family what you’ve been doing, brag about all the fab things you’ve seen and done…so you take out your cell phone, dial, and then proceed to have a panic attack when you return and get the bill for what you thought was only a few 5- minute calls. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too, more times than we care to admit. But, then we discovered RoamTalk and haven’t had phone-induced anxiety since! RoamTalk provides some of the most affordable international calling solutions in the market, making it incredibly easy too. They provide you with the phone, the SIM cards, and most importantly the savings. We’re talking FREE incoming calls (after a mere.50 cent connection fee, we’re talking savings up to 80% per minute on calls back to the US from virtually anywhere in the world. And now, we’re talking an EXCLUSIVE deal, just for our readers, from RoamTalk to you. Try it out, and chat all you like, with savings this good you can’t afford not to be reachable wherever you are.

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**Call connection charge of $.50 per call for incoming calls and $.40 per call for outgoing calls.