In a city so rich with old-world customs and ancient structures, things like disco mirror-balls and sushi-bars don't readily come to mind, but that's the beauty of this very stark contrast known as the Hillside Su. A most unique property for this area, you can't help but be attracted to what they dub as "the most daring, inviting, and appealing" scene around, and with that you're temporarily suspended in a playfully fun state. Upon entering, you're overtaken by a pleasantly hypnotic vibe and you almost wonder if you've stumbled into a hip lounge instead of your hotel. You visit your room and become so entranced by the interactive lighting that changes color that you wonder if you had too much champagne. You indulge in the Maxi-Bar in your room and wonder is this not your own fridge or pantry? You take a stroll downstairs, take in the amazing view of the Med, and enjoy a fabulously unique handmade sushi roll and you wonder, am I sure I'm in Turkey? Yes indeed, this hotel is a shining example of how the amazingly hip can peacefully coexist side by side with the stunningly ancient.

NB-Don't forget to make an appointment at the spa!
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