A mystery island, an intriguing underwater glass-enclosed world remniscent only of a James Bond film actually now exists, and not just in your wildest imagination. This mystical concept of an undersea resort comes to life at Poseidon in just a few months' time. Set within a 5,000 acre lagoon off the crystalline waters of the Fijian coast, this is an ultra-luxe paradise that delivers a sensory experience like no other property in the world. Picture entering an elevator above water, that propels you 40 feet below sea level, navigating through a tubular corridor, and arriving at a most spectactular glass-enclosed 550-square-foot pod of luxury. Complete with everything you'd expect from a five-star suite, from the high-thread-count linens, to leather furniture and plasma TVs, to even your own private luxury submarine for easy transfer through the calm seas and back to shore if you wish to indulge in the spa, or one of the "above water" dining experiences. Of course, if you didn't feel like surfacing just yet. there's even a library a wedding chapel, and restaurant on-site, or rather "under-site" as well. The arrival process is amost as fab and stylish as the resort itself, choose from either a private yacht or twin-engine plane and leave your cares behind as you submerge into another world.
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