To all of the jet-setting, time-challenged Explorateurs out there who have ever aspired to be a multi-lingual rock star , have we got a find for you... If you have ever had a song stuck in your head that just wouldn't go away, then you'll love Earworms. The concept is so simple, yet so effective- key phrases in a variety of languages are carefully worked in with hip, funky beats. The result, indelible phrases etched in your brain, leaving you sounding as fluent as a local. Imagine sitting in a bistro in Paris and being able to order your meal with ease in flawless-sounding French, buzzing around the souk in Marrakech and being able to talk your way down to an incredible bargain in awesome Arabic, or navigating your way through the busy streets of Beijing via a series of Chinese catchphrases. You'll be amazed how quickly these phrases come to you once you've listened to the CDs a few times, and the best part is this can all be done at your leisure. In the car, on you iPod, while you're working out, or even packing your suitcase. No pressure of memorization, old-school tests or lengthy time commitments that leave you sitting in a boring classroom at night after work. Plus, Earworms are available in 11 different languages. Sound too good to be true? It's real- we promise, tried and tested and we love it.

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