DINNER IN THE SKY- Multiple locations, worldwide

We didn't believe it either when we first crossed paths with this curious-sounding company, whose name actually just spells out exactly what it is. Suspending its diners, corporate meeting attendees and wedding couples 50 meters in the sky, guests at the "table" enjoy experiences such as full 5-course dinner served by a chef and waitstaff whilst being entertained by a guitar player. Talk about a table with a view, this makes all other vistas pale in comparison. Knees a bit weak yet? Apprehensive or a bit faint of heart? Don't fret, the self-proclaimed "safety-obsessed" creators have designed these unique, and extremely secure cranes built specifically with this concept in mind. The result- a one-of-a-kind option for an incredibly creative event- be it a meeting, dinner, party or even a wedding. Dinner in the Sky even allows you to customize your location so long as there's enough of the required space on the ground, you can organize this over a vineyard, golf course, historical site, city or anything else you can dream up. Plus, they operate in 15 different countries, giving you the option to transform any gathering into a most unforgettable event, in a most spectacular location.
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