Did you ever have that feeling where you just need a lifestyle change? Most of us trod through, other brave souls venture out, simply say "I'm done", and head forward to launch their dream. Such is the case with the owners of Elqui Domos, one of the world's only true astronomy-focused hotels, where stargazing from one's bed is simply a standard amenity. Set in the heart of the Elqui Valley, which offers possibly the most clarified view of the constellations in the world, this series of 7 domes all have 2 floors, terraces, a living room, a bedroom, and oh yeah- a detachable roof. Comes in very handy considering you also get your very own telescope too, plus all the astronomy guidebooks plus personally guided viewings by the resident experts, the owners themselves. This is a true dream come true for the proprietors who wish to share their passion for astronomy with each and every one of their esteemed guests. Blend this with a city stopover in Santiago and a jaunt through the winelands and you've got the makings of an inspired and authentic Chilean journey. 
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