Too often these days, a relatively obscure destination's name arises in the media, usually attached to some sort of bad news or tales of strife. In the case of Malawi, we felt it was our duty to remind all of our loyal readers that this amazing country is so much more than just a backdrop within a celebrity adoption scandal. It is, in fact, one of the world's most stunningly, naturally beautiful settings whose people are among the most genuine and heartwarming on the planet. Sincerely. One place in particular that is as full of goodness as it is loveliness is Kaya Mawa. Translated, it means "Maybe Tomorrow", which becomes an obvious theme upon arrival and once you breathe in the fresh air and the vibe. You'll find Kaya Mawa on Likoma Island, just a short flight hop from the main airport in capital city Lilongwe. And once you find it, you'll likely not want to leave. Strewn with just a handful of individual chalets overlooking water so clear you can see to the bottom, it is a true escape from the rest of the world, from modern life, and into a space where you'll discover the true meaning of kindness in the people, the true meaning of beauty by the surroundings, and the soul of Malawi in its purest form. Perhaps even more magnificent than the setting is the good Kaya Mawa does for the local community. They are involved in 10 amazing socially responsible projects that benefit the community in a variety of ways, whether it be building wells for clean water, or supporting the local village schools, or even launching sustainable farming and food programs. There is perhaps no greater sense of goodness and community elsewhere.

Malawi is a great excursion option when visiting South Africa. South African Airways and Air Malawi offer convenient service from Johannesburg.
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