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OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD- If you're anything like us, you'll agree that one of the most glorious aspects of a European jaunt is the food... the abundance, the uniqueness per region, the sheer joy and delight it brings to countless millions for whom a meal is an event.

If you've tried it all in the traditional sense, so can we tempt you with the prospect of a roving restaurant, without walls, that stages fabulous farm dinners between the soil and the sky? We thought that would get your attention...

Meet "Outstanding In The Field", a California-based group of culinary troubadours that tour the world, creating unique dinners in farm fields, orchards, and hoop houses and for the first time ever, they're bringing their dining experiences to Europe. (and they've given us a limited number of discounted seats, just for you Explorateurs to enjoy!)

The group strives to reconnect diners to the land and the origins of their food, while honoring local artisans and farmers who cultivet it. Imagine dining in the crisp air, at a rustic long table in a garden, on a ranch or perhaps perched on a mountaintop, cool greenhouse or stately museum, and indulging in the freshest of ingredients locally sourced, and prepped by a celebrated chef of the region. Take a glimpse into your culinary adventure by watching this video on Then, take your pick of an authentic Danish lunch at Hans Lund's farm on the island of Lilleo , a hosted Holland lunch in Vollenhoven, a vivacious vino-infused meal in the heart of famed wine region La Rioja, Spain, or a charming Italian culinary indulgence in Chianti.

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Our favorite thing about a villa stay is…well, EVERYTHING. The privacy, the exclusivity, the exotic nature, the tailor-made amenities, the extra space, the fact that you get to live like a rock star, if only for a brief time. Shall we go on? Now for the one not-so-fun part…the process- with thousands of websites out there it’s challenging to determine what’s true, what’s reliable, and where to even begin. Which is why we love Villa Book. They couldn’t make it any easier, truly. Even with over 1,000 properties in their portfolio worldwide, they somehow know each one intimately and always seem to magically select the villas that are perfectly suited to you.

Their team has over 26 years of experience, and the tremendous relationships they’ve built with the property owners and local agents means they can arrange just about anything for you, down to the finest, smallest detail. Need a private full time chef? Not a problem. Cooking lessons? You got it. A bedroom with a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice? Of course. Private yacht charter for the day? Absolutely, with pleasure. If you know what you’re looking for- great, simply tell them and they’ll get it arranged. If you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re looking for, also great- simply submit some information about what you’re thinking and they’ll come back to you with some phenomenal suggestions.

Plus, the deals are amazing! If you find yourself being able to travel VERY last minute and have just discovered you owe yourself that summer vacation you’ve been putting off, consider Villa Giacaranda in Positano at 50% off plus daily breakfast and daily maid service from 28 Aug – 04 Sep. Or, 7 nights for the price of 5 at Atlas View through 15 Oct. This a gorgeous 3 bedroom villa just outside of Marrakech is beset upon majestic gardens and spoils you with a well-equipped fitness room, spa, tennis court, maid, chef and a whirlwind of activities right outside your doorstep.

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Europe is calling- and if you’re looking to pack as many charming cities into a compact timeframe, without having to unpack and repack, trudge to (and through) airports and deal with all the extra transport, than a river cruise is for you. Oh, and did we mention, Explorateur readers get an EXCLUSIVE 50% off deal aboard itineraries on the modern, luxurious Premicon Queen? How about that…

This is the world’s most modern twin cruiser, an extraordinarily crafted vessel complete with a glass-domed ceiling and glass-enclosed gourmet restaurant to ensure you get the best glimpses of some of Europe’s most stunning architectural wonders. Here, you’ve got access to everything you’d ever want on a first-class sail through Europe’s most beautiful waterways- 24 hour room service, supremely cordial staff, panoramic views, elegant dining, library, wellness area, and gorgeous handsomely-equipped suites.
Save 50% on a vast selection of journeys throughout the summer…traverse the Rhine and Danube Rivers, with exciting stops between Cologne and Frankfurt, or Regensburg and Budapest…with architecturally-stunning cities like Vienna, Bratislava, Linz and Melk along the way.

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Folks, you’ve been putting off that European jaunt long enough. The economy’s getting a BIT better, the US Dollar is getting a TAD stronger versus the Euro…plus there are some great steals just for Explorateurs so we’re ready to get you to go, with Go Ahead Tours.

Why Go Ahead? Why not…they’ve got over 20 years of experience in custom-crafting incredible experiences that go beyond the normal multi-city tour. Their belief that every trip of yours should be a trip of a lifetime means that they’re going to introduce you to the fabric of a destination and immerse you in the culture. They’re going to get you involved with surprising activities, set you up in excellent accommodations, provide you with a taste of local fare, all the while guided by an expert in the destinations. i.e. no headaches, no stress of having to plan each component on your own, just pick a trip, plan the dates and leave the rest to them.

Try a Venice, Florence & Rome 12 day tour leading you through these three great cities, giving you time to enjoy the majesty and romance of Venice, get swept away by the history and art of Florence and become engrossed in the traditions of ancient Rome.

Or, cast a wider net through three of Europe’s great capitals, London, Paris & Rome with a blend of culture, tradition, charm and grace as you travel through palaces, landmarks, modern museums, fabulous shops and more on an 11 day journey.

Interested in a more Iberian immersion? Consider the 14 day Grand Tour of Spain which traverses through the festive squares of Madrid to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, down to the stunning Mediterranean coastline, showcasing the landscape, history and regional traditions along the way. Now GO!

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