OUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD- If you're anything like us, you'll agree that one of the most glorious aspects of a European jaunt is the food... the abundance, the uniqueness per region, the sheer joy and delight it brings to countless millions for whom a meal is an event.

If you've tried it all in the traditional sense, so can we tempt you with the prospect of a roving restaurant, without walls, that stages fabulous farm dinners between the soil and the sky? We thought that would get your attention...

Meet "Outstanding In The Field", a California-based group of culinary troubadours that tour the world, creating unique dinners in farm fields, orchards, and hoop houses and for the first time ever, they're bringing their dining experiences to Europe. (and they've given us a limited number of discounted seats, just for you Explorateurs to enjoy!)

The group strives to reconnect diners to the land and the origins of their food, while honoring local artisans and farmers who cultivet it. Imagine dining in the crisp air, at a rustic long table in a garden, on a ranch or perhaps perched on a mountaintop, cool greenhouse or stately museum, and indulging in the freshest of ingredients locally sourced, and prepped by a celebrated chef of the region. Take a glimpse into your culinary adventure by watching this video on EatTV.com. Then, take your pick of an authentic Danish lunch at Hans Lund's farm on the island of Lilleo , a hosted Holland lunch in Vollenhoven, a vivacious vino-infused meal in the heart of famed wine region La Rioja, Spain, or a charming Italian culinary indulgence in Chianti.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Save 20% on these special experiences. Click on the destination of choice above to reserve your seats and get your special Explorateur discount. And, as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you! www.outstandinginthefield.com