Just about everything in Peru has some sort of magical element, and we've created a program designed to combine unique experiences with food, art, and thrilling wonder. You'll tour a market in Lima with a local top chef who will then take you back to her apartment in the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco for some Pisco Sours before you help prepare a gorgeous ceviche. Eat up, as there's more to do such as embarking on an insider access-only tour of a private colonial art collection.

Meet a master weaver, and have lunch with her to learn about her life story and the profound significance textiles have had on the world. Then, onto Macchu Picchu where an expert historian will walk you through just about everything you've ever wanted to know about how & why it was built and all manner of theories beyond! Spend time in Cusco as well with an expert local guide who will take you to the most important sights. It's overwhelming on the senses, get ready


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