India is amazing, it is complex, it is incredible and completely indescribable. All the brochures and guides you read before a trip just somehow don't seem to nail the explanation. Take the monkey on top of a pillar in a fort to the right, just one of the thousands of fascinating sights I saw just in my first few days.  Someone said  long ago that it's just something you've got to see and experience for yourself. This you will surely learn to be absolutely true.  The hospitality in India is on an entirely different level. It is intuitive, gracious, discreet, genuine and really must be experienced to be believed and behind every corner corner lies a myriad of subcultures, customs , languages, landscapes and experiences. India must be  experienced multiple times, in fact one may need years to complete the journey fully but taking that first step is most important.

Did you know you can do all of this in India?

  • Love Bollywood? How about being an extra in a film?  No problem...
  • Trek the Himalayas, no matter what your fitness level is
  • Travel uphill, hundreds of feet in the air on elephant-back to the top of a palatial fort, before being blessed in a Hindu temple
  • Immerse yourself in a divine yoga experience where an expert will help you enhance your confidence and develop a new approach to life
  • Reconnect your body and soul with your mind at a therapeutic Ayurvedic retreat
  • Discover the Indian art of winemaking through some of the country's finest wineries with private access to special tasting rooms
  • Take in an elephant polo match in Jaipur
  • Cook in the home of a welcoming Indian family and learn their sumptuous culinary secrets
  • Witness an awe inspiring mass cooking event for thousands at a time and sample the treats

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