It's like going back in time. A journey to the Galapagos means getting up close and personal in the world of curious animals that live peacefully, nearly untouched or unimpacted by us humans and it's beautiful to see.

We've got a special journey aboard the famed Beagle ship, named after the boat Darwin himself made famous on his voyage to this extraordinary archipelago. 

Along the seaborne voyage, you'll visit with the green sea turtles & iguanas on the shores of Santa Cruz Island. You'll ascend the steep Prince Philip's Steps onto a lava rock trail to catch a glimpse of a forest full of nesting birds, and have the option to snorkel in James Bay, home to sea lions and so many different varieties of marine mammals.

Visit Fernandina, the youngest island of the Galapagos, taking great care to sidestep the mountains of iguanas piling together for body heat and enjoy the wildlife including penguins, crabs and more within its mangrove forest. 

Trek to the top of a volcano at Tagus Cove and appreciate this extraordinary privilege of being a part of this exceptional world.

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