Serious sunshine, awesome adventure, personable people, fab food and world-class wines. Just a few of the thousands of reasons to love Australia. For me, this is one of the most fun destinations I get to work with when crafting an itinerary simply because there are so many directions in which to go.

Here's an idea that will fuel your appetite for adventure and sheer bliss...begin with an active stay at one of Australia's most luxe wilderness camps in the heart of the desert, bringing you a feeling of solitude and spirituality where you can trek into the gorge for sundowner drinks against the sunset, bask in the magnitude of Ayers Rock or spelunk with an expert who will decipher the magnificent stories of cave paintings you'll find along the walls. Travel to the world-famous Barossa Valley and stay in a lavish vineyard retreat and share a drink with the master vintners.  

Explore into the depths of the Outback and link up with a sheep farmer who will show you his interesting way of life and help you appreciate the wildlife native to this region in a 4x4.  Have a pilot pick you up and fly over the enchanting landscapes and rock formations, lakes and gorges and soak up a rarely seen birds-eye view of the land. Trek forests the next day and have your innkeeper pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the hill before heading to Adelaide to get into slow-travel mode aboard  luxe rail journey toward Sydney for an urban style exploration before trekking on a self-drive out to the Bamurru Plain for a different style of wildlife viewing via 4xr or even an airboat in this curious ecosystem while you look out for crocs, wallabies, Dingos, wild pigs and more.

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