There's a saying in China that goes something like "people will eat anything with 4 legs except a table, and anything with wings except an airplane." You may think you know street food, but like most brave souls who take on Untour's Weird Meat Tour of Shanghai, you have no idea. Quite rightly so, because this culinary endeavor treks foodies through the twisting turning back streets, frequently stopping at some of Shanghai's most secret savory sites.

Your fearless food leader will pick you up at your hotel, arm you with an Untour Shanghai Welcome Pack and off you'll go on an adventure that will include plates of dragonflies, fried bees, pigeon, duck tongue, and heck knows what else.
It's easy to get lost in this sensory overload so not to worry, they'll provide you with a detailed recap of what you've consumed, and the pictures to prove it to your friends when you get back.

3 Kilometers and 3 hours later, you may find yourself reaching for the Pepto but one thing's for sure, it will be a heck of an adventure not likely to be repeated. Best of luck and may the food force be with you- and if you do try this, we want to hear about it! .