By now, you know the destruction Hurricane Sandy has caused and as someone who is sitting right in the middle of the path it struck, everything now somehow seems different. Fortunately we were spared, relatively speaking. Power inconveniences and spotty internet are nothing to deal with as long as our families and homes are safe. For so many others though in Sandy's wake, and so many near me personally, they were not so lucky. Power out for potentially weeks, hurrendous flooding, homes and businesses lost and what we thought would "never happen to us in this part of the world" has indeed happened.
It got me thinking. We somehow have a bit of an invicibility factor at times, we think these things are never going to happen to us, and that they only happen to other people. When it hits home, it's unbearable at first and it makes you realize how important it is to not only help locally where needed, but to consider helping out globally. I've always been a strong proponent of integrating community outreach initiatives into any travel itinerary, it not only changes someone else's life, but yours as well.
We're fortunate here in the US that things move relatively fast, first responders and emergency crews work at lightening speed and what some of us consider to be major challenges like losing TV service (which we know will be back up in days) are really nothing in comparison to someone losing their home, their livelihood, friends, family and in some cases an entire village with little hope of rebuilding. The beauty of travel lies in the experiences you dive into and the memories you create. So much of the world is in need, get out there and see it, and be a part of it and if you are searching for any outreach ideas for inspiration, we've got them for you.
Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by Sandy, and anyone in the world affected by a natural disaster. We're with you, I'm with you. Be well, and stay safe.