Trust- it’s paramount in life, and equally as crucial along the path of an avid traveller...who must trust themselves first, their sense of adventure, their instincts, and of course they must be able to trust that what’s waiting for them in their next destination is what they expect it to be. It’s precisely what Oakwood Asia Pacific centers its beliefs upon, and rather than simply just delivering on the promise of a private apartment awaiting a weary traveller’s arrival, they prefer to exceed one’s trusted expectations- resulting in lavish, secure, thoughtfully appointed spaces and outstanding commitments to personal service that feel like home. But better.
Often times, stays in Asia tend to be longer-term, there’s so much to explore, and what’s better than a secure, stylish apartment with the spacious comfort of home versus a tight hotel room? They offer locations in 11 cities across 7 countries in Asia / Pacific, and three brands that fit perfectly depending on each traveler’s personality and preference. Doesn’t that sound inviting?
Don’t just take our word for it, experience Oakwood style personally in grand fashion!

They’ve got a fabulous opportunity for you to win a stay in their 50th Anniversary Celebration contest where they’re giving away “50 Nights in 50 Months”. And, all you need to do is simply click HERE and send out one of the virtual e-postcards you see on the site. Send it to your friends with a note describing what TRUST means to you… and you could win a stay at any of the serviced apartments within the Oakwood Asia portfolio. Good luck and pass it along…this is a secret that’s too good to keep to yourself.

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