ECOTULUM RESORTS & SPA- Riviera Maya, Mexico
When it comes down to it, the whole idea of a vacation is a departure from your daily life- a twist in the old schedule, trying something completely different. If you’re like some members of our team whose idea of roughing it is limited to cotton sheets vs Frette linens (we won’t name names!), the concept of stepping back in time when regular luxuries are not so available on-demand can be a little strange or stressful, yes. However, it’s the strange factor that makes it all the more appealing- EcoTulum’s hotels invite guests to dive right in to their vision and philosophy, and their Spartan settings actually deliver a peaceful spirituality of another time and place.

The cabanas at their 3 properties are built upon a concept of harmony and luxury…the luxury of peace in a rustic setting somewhere far, far away from the glitz and thumping beats of Cancun. The villas are constructed with local hardwoods, many of which feature private decks perfect for listening to nothing more than the birds, the calm surf and the soft lull of the music of a local guitarist. Zahra and Azulik are tranquility defined, barefoot beachfront bliss with supreme privacy, and limited electricity in the evening if you can’t quite go all-the-way on the rustic angle.

However, if you want to be super adventurous and live like those that inhabited these lands so many years ago, try Cabanas Copal, nestled in the jungle- where candlelight and the sun are preferred methods of energy and relax- while there is water, it flows slowly like the rhythm of life here and one actually can re-learn here how to conserve it which in itself is a beautiful thing.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Stay 3 nights, pay for only 2 plus enjoy complimentary continental breakfast daily! Click HERE for more info and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!
*valid for travel through 30 Nov 2010