We've got it, and it's raging...we're not only counting the days until this maddeningly beautiful fusion of worldwide sport, passion and fervor begins, but also counting the minutes until we head back to South Africa to support our favorite teams live and in person.

In case you're still on the fence about going, we know where the available rooms are. In case you're still thinking the airfares are too expensive, we've got a few leads on best, most affordable routes. In case you're wondering if there are any match tickets left, there are. And, in case you had doubts as to whether or not South Africa would be ready....think again.

Just to get you in the mood, we'd love to share with you a bit of advertising brilliance. Take 3 minutes and watch this clip, it will have you chanting along in no time.

If we can help with finding accommodations for you, let us know by clicking HERE. Hope to see you all there
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