It’s quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but when you do reach Hamadryade, you’ll know when you’ve arrived at quite possibly one of the most harmonious spots on the planet. Bold statement indeed, but what else can be said about a place in the rainforest developed specifically to fix what had previously been destroyed, a place where no tree was cut to clear space, a place where soil was enriched to a level new strength needed to receive a larger range of flora, a place developed so that nature could regain its rights and display all the wonders it has to offer.

The owners, who have a beautifully harmonious love story of their own, built the lodge upon their wish that every guest feels that they’re a part of nature itself, and they proudly provide them with a glimpse into the way of life of the locals residing in the Amazonian Rainforest itself. For them, it’s not about "green accreditation" on paper, but rather about living a life that is respectful to nature and it shows in every possible way here.

Rainwater is the medium here, carefully filtered for use and even the pool is chemical free. Electrical wires are buried rather than exposed to avoid harming trees. Natural products of the forest necessary for locals’ daily life such as cocoa and plants for construction are never exploited, and even the decoration of each of the 4 bungalows is a living tribute to the aesthetic style and symbols of the ethnic groups of the Amazon. Take advantage here of being able to visit the communities, take a trip down the Napo River, walk through waterfalls, take a night trek through the jungle and just allow yourself to indulge in the mystical and magical... http://www.hamadryade-lodge.com/

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