As world travellers, we all have the opportunity to see incredible iconic images, delight in divine dishes, sample sumptuous shopping, and live through amazing experiences. Often times though, we find ourselves in places where so many others are not so lucky, not by a longshot, and we wouldn’t be doing justice to a destination we’re visiting without recognizing that and understanding the real soul of a place, as difficult as it may be. These are the times we feel compelled to help. Then the questions begin- where to go? What can I achieve? What difference can I alone really make? And really, where do I even start? 3 letters for the easiest one-stop point of reference for all things volunteer-related- GVN.

The Global Volunteer Network believes in local solutions to local problems, and has created a global network of community organizations around the world, and working with those in the community to establish their real needs. These are the people who are experiencing the struggles of every day locally, and have intimate knowledge of what’s exactly needed in order to make a positive impact on these communities in need. And then they place volunteers best suited for those needs in the various project so make it happen. They connect, construct and create, and then let the volunteers ACHIEVE.

Their belief that everyone has something to contribute lends itself extremely well to those not sure yet of what they want to do, or where to even start. We recommend visiting their website as a good first step- it’s easy to navigate and from there you can take a look at what’s available around the world. You can choose to teach English in Ethiopia, help build a childrens’ home in Peru, work with disabled orphans in Vietnam, or even help provide healthcare to those in need. Their team is just as inspiring as the impact of the projects themselves, and we take our hats off to this impressive network dedicated to doing good all over the world. If you’re interested in making a difference, please take a moment and visit their site-