EXPLORE GHANA- by Immersion Journeys
Our friends at Immersion Journeys have done it again, creating a most intriguing journey to Ghana especially for you, our loyal Explorateur fans. Ghana is such a curious country, a beautiful example of an economically successful West African nation that carries with it a friendly vibe, incredibly sumptuous native cuisine, and oh about 3500+ years of history and culture to go along with that. Interested? Read on.

From the time you arrive after embarking on this 10 day journey, you’ll be off on an adventure in true West African style, beginning with a traditional welcome ceremony complete with cultural drumming, dancing, drinks and a bit of an orientation about what you can expect for days to come. An Accra city tour will acquaint you with this 131-year-old metropolis that is a blend of colonial and modern architecture, and filled to the brim with history, art and culture. They’ll get you as close to the handwork as possible, even down to a visit to a casket maker’s shop whose work reflects the interest and hobbies of the deceased. Strange but true.

The beautiful thing about Ghana is its diversity- you’ll next have the opportunity to trek on a 40-meter-high canopy walkway through the tropical rainforests of Kakym National Park, moving on to a spiritual Military Shrine and even on to the infamous Forts, castles and Slave Dungeons of Ghana which unfold the details of this country’s troubled past and rise to its cultural flagship status of West Africa.

You’ll continue on through the scenic forest zone to Kumasi, the seat of the Ashanti Empire whose legacies are still evident today. Tours through museums draw you into the intrigue of the empire through relics and monuments, and treated to a captivating account of the history by a knowledgeable traditional Ashanti priest. Then, on to a procession to the Paramount Chief’s Palace where the whole village will be assembled for a special naming ceremony where you’ll receive your own African clan name while dancers hypnotize and drums beat exotic rhythms.

After a visit to picturesque cruise on Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world, you’ll be back to Accra to indulge in the splendid shopping spree at the most ultra-modern spots in Accra. All the while escorted full time by your very own chauffeur and guide. If you’ve already conquered Southern Africa, the West should be your next spot and if you haven’t yet been to Africa, this itinerary will show you the deep authentic roots of this magical continent. It might be your first visit, but certainly not your last.

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