LOCH NESS LODGE, Inverness, Scotland
We admit it, we believe in the good old fashioned urban myths...from Yetis to spirits to of course, Nessie. In fact, we proudly admit we've spent hours upon hours gazing over Loch Ness in the hopes of catching a glimpse (no comment on the outcome but there's always hope). Here's something you don't have to seek too hard to find, a most charming lakeside hotel with a terrific deal. The Loch Ness Lodge embodies all that a jaunt to the Scottish Highlands should be- a naturally stunning atmosphere, gracious hospitality, inspiring views and just a dash of mystery in the mix. You've got your choice of seven elegant, individually designed rooms which stun at first sight, hues range from rich and daring to subtle and soothing, providing little havens dotted along the famed shores. And if the vistas weren't enough, they also have a surprisingly long list of available spa treatments for such a diminuative treasure. Between the easy chairs, the drawing room and superbly-comfortable beds, there is no shortage of perfect spots to settle yourself for long days breathing in the fresh air and taking in the dramatic panorama. We suggest you bring your binoculars too...JUST in case...that's all we're sayin'.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR EXPLORATEUR READERS- Complimentary Loch Ness cruise. Valid for travel through the remainder of 2009. Call +441456459469 or visit their site at http://www.loch-ness-lodge/ to book and remember, tell 'em THE EXPLORATEUR sent you!
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