There's something about spending a holiday in a manor house, especially whilst in Ireland. It always carries with it a regal air of grandeur, and Castlemartyr is one of the finest examples of the magnificence from centures past. Naturally, it's got everything you would come to expect of such an estate- luxurious rooms and suites fit for the most discerning of guests, carefully designed menus using local fresh ingredients at it's restaurant, rolling emerald grounds that seem endless, and 24,000 square feet of pampering bliss within their Spa. However, what we find most charming are the simpler things, the opportunities to partake in traditional activities from long ago that make you really feel as though you've taken a true step back in time. Archery, fly casting, skeet shooting, Vane and Quiver, or even Nock to name a few (relax, we didn'tknow what Nock was either but that's the fun of it all!). Or, perhaps even embark on a walk wtih the 2 resident Irish Setters, apropriately named Earl & Countess of course, through the trails surrounding the property. There's even a telescope for gazing at the celesital skies. It's a most peaceful retreat and well worth a stop for a few nights' rest when traveling through the countryside.

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