As if the chaotic pace, hectic traffic, imposing buildings, cacophonous echos of horns and frenetic streewalkers weren't enough to boggle your mind, we've got another that will leave you quite curiously intrigued...a gigantic fig tree in the middle of a restaurant. Yes, that's right- this famous plant is over 130 years old, is impeccably manicured, and grows right up through through the skylight windows of this hip, swish eatery which is a scene you'd never expect to see in the middle of Sao Paulo. A Figueira Rubayat is favorite of local chic Paulistas who want to be seen, and a fab choice for some authentic Brazilian fare. Their specialty of the house is the feijoada, a heavy bean and beef stew which is a local favorite, and their massive woodburning oven set within a modern glass-walled kitchen makes good work of some of the local meats that are out of this world. Save room to sample the the dessert buffet that stretches across about 25 feet of beautifully carved wooden tables too. Despite it's modern sleek chic aura, the food is tremendously good, the wine list is extensive, and it's one of the best spots in the city for some great people-watching! Rua Haddock Lobo 1738, Sao Paulo
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