Moyo is so much more than a restaurant, each visit is an experience. This magnificently unique venue draws you in to a curious intriguing blend of authentic African adventure, innovative yet traditional cuisine, and a vibe all its own. As you wander up the stairs through all of the levels, each of them unique wtih a different drumbeat and decor, you almost don't want to commit to a location to base yourself becuase there's too much to take in. Begin with a traditional African handwashing ceremony before dinner... and be forewarned, this will not be a relaxing dinner! During your stay you will likely be invited to take part in a vigorous drum lesson which is fantastic...your face will most likely be painted by a skillful artist who somehow channels your spirit and finds the decorative pattern that most suits you...and of course, no visit is complete without the tableside serenade by Moyo's famous Wishy Washy ladies, straight out of the 70's and raring to go with beautiful rhythmic tunes and an energy all their own. Moyo allows you to indulge in the intoxicating spirit that is South Africa, it is a celebration of life, art, culture and fortune. Don't miss it!

Multiple locations in South Africa - Melrose Arch & Parkview (Johannesburg), Stellenbosch, Durban
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