Close your eyes and consider how you imagine yourself exploring on an African safari...
OK- greatAre there endless plains, wondrously diverse herds of wild animals roaming freely, seemingly unaware of your presence, is the air impossibly crisp and do you feel exhilarated breathing in the crisp air as you drive through this other-worldly experience exploring places you never thought you'd actually see?  Then welcome to Tanzania.  From the legendary safari-fabulous Serengeti to majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, the astounding Ngorongoro Crater to sexy, sultry Zanzibar, this IS the Africa of your dreams. Raw, natural, inspiring and indescribable.
Now, imagine yourself doing any number of the following

Immerse yourself in the palpable pulse of the wild of the Serengeti with an unforgettable safari experience with a top guide

Laze about during the day in a 1920's style explorer camp, permeated by a sense of nostalgic adventure and listen to the amazing sounds of your surroundings...animals calling to one another, birds singing, tall grass whistling in the wind

Try the exhilaration of safari by mountain bike

Descend into the Ngorongoro Crater, the 8th wonder of the world and discover this unique biosphere of grasslands, forests, swamps, saltpans and fresh water

Take an interpretive bush walk whilst on safari, before being escorted to a cultural village by an elder who will regale you with stories of tradition maintained even in this modern age

Snap unbelievable photos at gleaming Lake Manyara, shimmering in a cleft within the Great Rift Valley and sit along a riverbed just steps from an animal coming to have a drink.

Do you dare? Mt. Kilimanjaro is the ultimate trek and surprisingly, it can be accomplished by nearly anyone of any level of fitness. Our expert guides will get you acclimatized and ascending higher than you ever dreamed you could climb

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