Norway is about as picture perfect as it gets, and in recent months it's surely moved up to the top of the family vacation bucket list, especially if you have a child who's seen the movie FROZEN (who hasn't!)  It's a nearly impossible task to accurately describe the natural beauty of the majestic fjords, the rich verdant landscape, the blinding white snowcapped peaks, the charismatic villages, stark urban design, and fresh air so crisp you want to spend hours just breathing it in.   Certainly not for the faint of heart when budget is concerned, but once you go you completely agree it was worth the spend.

Get in the know with Norway, we've got the key to this ice palace. We begin in Oslo with a tour of the city that opens you up to a better understanding of the rich Norwegian heritage, moving on to a flight up to the Arctic Circle for an exquisite view of the Northern Lights while overnighting in a traditional small lodge where you can snowmobile and dog sled til your heart's content. Meet and interact with the Sami tribal people, see how they maintain their semi-nomadic lifestyles and ancient rituals for an experience you'll never forget.

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