Why Zambia? It's a land that is awe-inspiring, secure, vast, and absolutely rich with animals and natural wonders waiting to be explored.  Aside from safari experiences and treks,  you could spend days just marvelling at Victoria Falls, one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world exuding a feeling all its own and a magical world underneath in the tranquil lagoons where hippo and crocodiles lurk.   Or, try out a river cruise along the Zambezi, a village visit to mix with locals, adrenaline-pumping white water rafting ...but whatever you do, do NOT miss Zambia's spectacular sunsets. They are worth every bit of the long journey to get there.  


What to do? Glad you asked! Consider...


-Boarding the "Flight of Angels" for a helicopter tour over Victoria Falls for unforgettable views from a new vantage point


-Trekking through the rainforest with an expert guide who will seek out all manner of flora, fauna and wildlife... raincoats included


-Bungee jump from the Vic Falls Bridge spanning the deep Batoka Gorge with the Falls as a backdrop


-White water raftyour way down the wild Zambezi, or simply cruise it leisurely at sunset Safari... either via vehicle or elephant!


-Travel the Teak Forests and wilderness areas on horseback,  crossing over rivers and camping out under the stars along the banks


-Courage...lions... yes, they go together here when you embark on a lion walk through the bush with a pride of young beasts


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