Greece cannot be summed up in a word, or even a sentence. In fact, it would take a book to recount what is often said to be indescribable, from the impossible beauty of the islands, to the ancient historical sights, the warmth of the people, the absolute deliciousness of the food and about a thousand other aspects that make this traveler's paradise so very special.


We've curated some beautiful experiences that offer a beautiful slice of authentic Greek life blended with relaxation, exploration and divine cuisine. For the first timer, we recommend getting adjusted in Athens and spending a night or two with beautiful historical tours conducted by exceptional guides, proceeding on to Mykonos, one of the most well known Greek islands thanks to the vibrant nightlife of the Chora.


But the beauty of the beaches, the variety of quality Greek and international cuisine and the traditional Cycladic architecture and landscape makes it just as much an ideal destination for families as it is for those who want to dance until sunrise. Spend a few nights here and perhaps add on a tour of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Then, it's time for sumptuous Santorini...a visually stunning phenomenon resplendent with whitewash houses and hotels that carefully hug the rugged hills, and deep azure views out into the sea as far as the eyes can see. Embark on one of our special Food & Wine experiences where you'll have an opportunity to sample some of the island's best wineries and eateries and perhaps round out your stay lazily floating through the waters on board a gorgeous catamaran for some snorkeling and swimming.


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