Just go up- up up the mountain- make a left when you see the shrine and go up all the way towards Monte Pertuso, you can't miss it", said Ralphie, my trusted waiter at a local eatery I'd become accustomed to during a stay in Sorrento who as I found out spends 6 months in Italy and 6 months in Brooklyn because "he's got his things here, and got his things there".  Funny that he was pushing meto try another restaurant other than his own so I took it seriously and embarked on a nailbiting journey over the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in the dark AND the rain in a quest to find this "La Tagliata" eatery that he forbid me to miss.     

When I arrived, this gorgeous place looked more like someone's rustic Italian dining room rather than a restaurant and better yet, it was stark empty. Yet, the host looked around, eyed me suspiciously and asked quite seriously if I had a reservation. I laughed, he shrugged, and then profusely apologized about having to seat me near the kitchen.  In a place like thi I'm pretty sure I'd usually call this a JACKPOT. Though the nighttime views out over the hills are pretty magical, they're nothing compared to the magical sights of chefs on the grill, cooking a variety of meats and home-grown vegetables to a whole new level of perfection, or the ladies hand-rolling the homemade pasta using the freshest local ingredients. The dishes came out one by one, and kept coming...I didn't want to tell them to stop. By the time I left, this little home was packed to the hilt with a line of cars streaming down the side of the rocky inclined street waiting quite impatiently to park. Go early, DO make a reservation and do NOT miss this while on the Amalfi Coast (or anywhere near there for that matter). It's easy to find- just take the coastal road, turn, and go up-up-up the mountain- trust me, you can't miss it.  La Tagliata.

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