It's challenging to imagine exactly how large the Amazon Rain Forest actually is. The amount of ground it covers is astounding and Ecuador doesn't always come first to one's mind when thinking about this region. But...that's a good thing because it means that the special journey we've created will remain a guarded secret, open to those intrepid travelers that want to dive deep into this experience which takes place at the Siona Lodge.

During this 5 day trek, you'll explore the wonders of this side of the Amazon Rain Forest.... Spending time with the Siona Indian Community to observe their traditional way of life and even take part in the elaboration of their celebrated local dish.  You'l travel downstream in a wooden paddle canoe both day and night, searching for monkeys, toucans, caymans, tortoises, pink dolphins, not to mention the incredible species of plants and trees.  There is even a visit to a local Shaman- who knows what may happen?

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