Why Italy

Italy grabs hold of one’s senses and takes a traveler on a winding path replete with gorgeous architecture, fascinating history, ultra-high fashion and some of the best dishes ever created.  You’ve got Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and the central point from which phenomenal discovery and enlightenment was born. Where impressive art and cathedrals continue to dominate, blending beautifully with the effortless, endless rolling hills of Tuscany.  In this diverse country, one can ski one day in the magnificent Dolomites, lazing in a retreat along Lake Como the next, and then find themselves later on navigating the thrilling hairpin curves of the Amalfi Coast alongside lemongroves, oleanders and luxuriant vegetation ending the day dining seaside. Divine culinary treasures await around every corner, in cities that are filled with beautiful contradictions.  Buildings and sites are stunning even when they’re flawed and aged, and its residents stroll with an air of both leisure and self assurance.  Of course no visit to Italy  would be complete without a browsing session of some of Italy’s finest designers- shops from Gucci to Pucci, Ferragamo to Prada, Armano to Frette in shops that line the streets of Milan and Rome, to the  high end jewelry market stops that grace the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence.