Why Argentina

What do you get when you blend a bit of Rome, a dash of Paris and a dollop of Madrid? Argentina, that’s what... this gorgeous fusion of European cultures culminates in a glorious culture best exhibited in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. Locals (or porteños) are magnetic, the shopping is stupendous, nightlife is amazing and don’t even get us started on the food! We’re talking some of the world’s best meat-fests for carnivores, amazing Italian fare, and just about everything in between.   What’s more, there is an entire world within Argentina yet to explore outside of urban life, from the idyllic winelands of Mendoza to the picture perfect pampas of Patagonia, all the way south to the awe-inspiring experiences and adventures in Tierra del Fuego.  A beautiful mix of old world European culture and hip fusion that work together seamlessly. One visit and it’s clear you’ll be attracted back again and again to this seductive country.