Capital: Hanoi

Currency: Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Country Code: 84

Do I need a Visa? Visas are  required for many countries, best to check Vietnam Tourism for the current requirements for each individual country

How will I charge my devices? Vietnam’s electrical current is 220 volts, AC 50Hz.

How do I get there?  Well, if you’re heading to Hanoi (HAN) and flying from…
New York: 21.5 hours
Los Angeles: 17.5 hours
Toronto: 18.5 hours
Sao Paulo: 18.5 hours
London: 12 hours

Geography:  Vietnam sits on the South China Sea, with a border of mountains to the west.  The mainland is primariily comprised of highlands and the Red River Delta in the north, mountains in the center and lowlands along with the famous Mekong Delta in the south, overall an absolutely rich stunning landscape lending itself to all manner of trekking and exploration.

Time Zones: GMT + 7

How's the weather? Vietnam experiences 3 varying weather systems throughout its diverse landscape.  Far north in the mountains, there’s a dry season October to March followed by a rainy season with cooler temperatures..  The Hanoi area experiences a temperate winter but a hot, humid summer and in the southern beach regions, one can count on consistently high temperatures and a healthy amount of sunshine nearly year-round