Capital: Bern

Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF)

Country Code: +41

Do I need a Visa? Visas are not required for most countries including the US, Canada and various points in both Europe and South America

How will I charge my devices? Switzerland’s electrical current is 220 v/ 50 Hz

How do I get there?  Well, if you’re heading to Zurich (ZRH) and flying from…
New York: 8.5 hours
Los Angeles: 12 hours
Toronto: 11.5 hours
Sao Paulo: 11.5 hours
London: 1.5 hours


Geography: Switzerland is landlocked, located in central Europe and is home to nearly 20% of the Alps mountain range, it’s most famous for it’s stunning mountain passes,  shimmering lakes  and impressive glaciers

Time Zones: GMT +1

How's the weather? Switzerland experiences a true four-seasons climate, with naturally cooler temperatures year round in the more mountainous regions.