Capital: Windhoek

Currency: Namibian Dollar (NAD)

Country Code: +264

Do I need a Visa? Visas are required for many countries, best to check Namibia Tourism   for the current requirements for each individual country

How will I charge my devices? Namibia’s electrical current is 220v, 50 Hz

How do I get there?  Well, if you’re heading to Windhoek (WDH) and flying from…
New York: 17.5 hours
Los Angeles: 24 hours
Toronto: 18.5  hours
Sao Paulo: 9.5 hours
London: 15 hours


Geography: The diverse landscape here consists of five distinct geographical areas each with their own ecosystems and weather conditions- the Central Plateau, the Namib Desert, the Kalahari Desert, Bushveld and Great Escarpment.  Namibia incidentally is the least densely populated country in the world.

Time Zones: GMT +1

How's the weather? Namibia’s weather can be as diverse as the terrain, varying from arid in the west and sub-humid in the central and northeastern regions. NB to all you northern hemisphere dwellers, Namibia’s seasons are opposite with winter from May – September, summer from October to April.