Capital: London

Currency: British Pound (GBP)

Country Code: +44

Do I need a Visa? Visas are not required for most countries including the US, Canada and various points in both Europe and South America

How will I charge my devices? England’s electrical current is 230 volts, AC 50Hz.

How do I get there?  Well, if you’re heading to London (LON) and flying from…
New York: 7.5 hours
Los Angeles: 11 hours
Toronto: 7.5 hours
Sao Paulo: 11 hours
Johannesburg: 11.5 hours


Geography:  Here, you’ll find mostly rolling hills on the mainland, a craggy coastline  with natural harbors and quite a few small islands in the nearby waters.  Continental Europe lies just 21 miles away with the sea in between.

Time Zones: GMT +0

How's the weather? Always pack an umbrella, no matter what time of year you visit as rain is an all too common occurrence.  Weather here doesn’t tend to go to extremes here, with cooler (but not frigid) winters and temperate summers which offer an extra benefit of extra long hours of daylight between June and August.