Capital: Sucre

Currency: Boliviano

Country Code: +591

Do I need a Visa? If you are not from South America, Mexico or The European Union you will need a Visa. Best to consult  Visa Policy  to check your country of origin

How will I charge my devices? Bolivia’s electrical current is 230 V, 50 Hz

How do I get there?  Well, if you’re flying to Sucre (SRE) from…
New York: 8.5 hours
Los Angeles: 10.25 hours
Toronto: 9 hours
Sao Paulo: 3 hours
London: 12 hours

Most flights require at least 1 connection


Geography: One of two landlocked countries, Bolivia’s beautiful mountains and lakes make up for the missing beaches.

Time Zones: GMT -4

How's the weather? Because of Bolivia’s diverse landscape the weather depends on where your travels take you.  Snow and cold temperatures are common in the mountains. Eastern and lowlands have more tropical weather.