Capital: n/a

Currency: n/a

Country Code: n/a

Do I need a Visa? No- Antarctica is not under any government control to warrant a visa

How will I charge my devices? n/a

How do I get there?  Tourists traveling to Antarctica do so by ocean voyage, blended with land based excursions.  Most voyages originate in Ushuaia, Argentina (USH).


Geography:  Antarctica is at the most southern point of the planet, centered around the South Pole and bordered on all sides by the Antarctic, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans due to its vast size stretching over 14 million km2.  98% of Antarctica is covered in ice.

Time Zones: Antarctica is so vast, it actually has 24 time zones! No standard time zone though.

How's the weather? This is the coldest place on Earth, literally, with temperatures in the negative numbers being the norm.  Antarctica is also quite dry, with minimal rainfall throughout the year.