Here at Explorateur Journeys, our simple primary belief is this:  START LOCALLY, IMPACT GLOBALLY.

We have been working for years now to help support a phenomenal project in South Africa called Hotel Hope-  an NGO dedicated to helping vulnerable children, pregnant mothers in distress, the unemployed and the untrained.  Its philosophy is to be more than just an orphanage- rather, it is a sanctuary where children affected in some way by HIV/AIDS can take the first step towards a better future by creating a family-style home.  Complete with a beautiful mix of volunteer Godparents, aunties, uncles, and grannies who will love, care for, and serve as positive role models to the children in Hotel Hope’s care. Their goal is to provide short-term interventions that produce long-term results of adoption into loving homes and forever-families.  Working with an adoption agency, this process becomes facilitated for both domestic and international adoptions.

Through the amazing global generosity of so many, Hotel Hope has blossomed into 2 homes, maintaining a conservative capacity of children in each which is so crucial for  each child to receive the individual attention, love and resources they need to thrive and feel as though they are part of a true close-knit family. 

Hotel Hope is a loving home, complete with an abundance of comfortable beds, common rooms with toys, TVs, a kitchen serving home-cooked food, and even a pool so that the children can learn to swim.  Here, children are not simply just clothed and fed, rather- they are also loved, cherished, encouraged and brought in to be part of a family.

The founder, Oliver Quambusch, is one amazing individual who has been involved in charitable causes for as long as he can remember.  At the age of 11 he was already selling donated goods at flea markets in his hometown of Wuppertal, Germany to raise funds for people afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.  Throughout the years that followed, Oliver traveled the world and enjoyed a highly successful career in hotel management, training, recruitment and fashion marketing, yet never forgot his passion for helping the under-privileged.  In 2005, after a visit to South Africa, Oliver felt a true calling and quickly made the decision to remain there.  In a short time he was running 3 orphanages with Door of Hope, as a Volunteer General Manager.   




What happened next was true divine intervention.  Through his own spirit and perseverance, blended with the generosity of others, Oliver has now been able to launch his own orphanage for children with HIV, as well as outreach programs and havens for mothers in distress- Hotel Hope in Melville.  Oliver’s mission is to help vulnerable children whose lives have been affected by HIV by creating a true home atmosphere for them to thrive in, while generating income to sustain the home by running the Hope Charity Shop nearby which also serves as a training ground for local disadvantaged residents to learn skills needed to improve their lives.  Oliver is the proud father of two adopted sons, Thapelo and Innocent.  They reside in Melville.

When you book with Explorateur Journeys, you can feel good knowing that a portion of what we generate here goes directly to the children at Hotel Hope. If you’d like to learn more or consider donating directly, please visit  Hotel Hope.