Explorateur Journeys is all about creating YOUR dream, so everything we do is custom-crafted according to what’s most important to you.  Here’s just a small sample of some of the beautiful experiences we can create for you!

Board the “Flight of Angels” for a helicopter tour over Victoria Falls for unforgettable views from a new vantage point

Trek through the rainforest with an expert guide who will seek out all manner of flora, fauna and wildlife... raincoats included

Bungee jump from the Vic Falls Bridge spanning the deep Batoka Gorge with the Falls as a backdrop

White water raft  your way down the wild Zambezi, or simply cruise it leisurely at sunset Safari… either via vehicle or elephant!

Travel the Teak Forests and wilderness areas on horseback, crossing over rivers and camping out under the stars along the banks

Courage…lions… yes, they go together here when you embark on a lion walk through the bush with a pride of young beasts

Surf the thrilling, most wild waves and rapids of the Zambezi