Explorateur Journeys is all about creating YOUR dream, so everything we do is custom-crafted according to what’s most important to you.  Here’s just a small sample of some of the beautiful experiences we can create for you!

Meet up with celebrated chef Penélope Alzamora who will take you to the market to select fresh ingredients you’ll use while assisting her in preparing a typically Peruvian meal in her own personal kitchen

Open the door to a private colonial art collection that you’ll tour with the owner who watches over these treasures and will regale you with the beautiful history of these works

Trek in Cusco and Machu Pichu with a top expedition guide and scholar who will share his incredible stories and knowledge of the Incan culture, and take you to explore relatively unknown sights

Visit the home of a master weaver and her community outreach project that helps local woen

Travel in luxury aboard the stylish Hiram Bingham train