Explorateur Journeys is all about creating YOUR dream, so everything we do is custom-crafted according to what’s most important to you.  Here’s just a small sample of some of the beautiful experiences we can create for you!

Cross through the plains on horseback with an expert rider, setting up camp near a mineral spring and enjoining a traditional Mongolian barbecue cooked over an open fire before sleeping under the stars

Spend time with a nomadic family and discover their way of life- learn how they herd animals, brew their special milk tea, fry Mongolian “Boortsog” biscuits and work the land

Sail along the stunning Ugii Lake for spectacular birdwatching

Witness the magically color changing and dunes which vary depending on the light & time of day

Fly fish in one of Mongolia’s 4000 rivers & 30 lakes- seeking out Taimen Salmon, Siberian White Fish, Lenok, River Perch and more

Take Mongolia on with a BMW Motorcycle to get up close and personal with the landscape and some of the country’s most curious, intriguing monasteries

Safari, Mongolian style. Set out on a game drive searching for gazelle, wolf, fox, sable, falcons and more