Explorateur Journeys is all about creating YOUR dream, so everything we do is custom-crafted according to what’s most important to you.  Here’s just a small sample of some of the beautiful experiences we can create for you!

Live like a rock star

Retreat to a special villa we’ll hand-select based on your style, where you’ll be treated to a personal trainer creating bespoke programs for your fitness goals, art classes,  and a private chef who you’ll accompany to source healthy local ingredients to develop into dishes you’ll love and can prepare when you return home.

Aperitivo apes-ski

Linger atop the slopes of the Dolomites in a superb chalet for an aperitivo apes-ski, surrendering to a dizzying kaleidoscope of colors.

Need for speed? 

Take a private tour of an auto factory- which will it be: Lamborghini, Ferraro or Ducati?

Discover a new type of “street food” with a privately guided gastro-cultural tour with a resident foodie in Palermo, sampling as you go.

Board a Land Rover or mount a horse to discover a curious mix of wilderness and Baroque history,  ending in an experience spent bathing in natural springs around caves and wild fauna.


Cheese anyone? 

Visit one of the most highly praised Mozzarella and Provolone producers and taste until you’re beyond full.


Try a Michelin gourmet safari in Bolzano, the city with the highest density of Micheln-starred restaurants blended with personal chef interactions

Chef it up

Enjoy a cooking demonstration by a top chef in Venice who will prepare traditional dishes such as squid ink pasta,  before an aperitif atop the San Marco Bell Tower as you prepare to spend an inspiring night in a villa that once belonged to Dante Aleghieri

Gourmet getaway

Truffle yourself silly with an expert “Tartufaio” who, along with his dog, will accompany you along your discovery of this precocious product which will serve as the core of the meal you’ll be treated to by a personal chef afterward

"Meat" the master

Go one on one with Michelin-starred chef Massimo who will teach you his highly regarded techniques for curing meat and creating typical regional dishes