Explorateur Journeys is all about creating YOUR dream, so everything we do is custom-crafted according to what’s most important to you.  Here’s just a small sample of some of the beautiful experiences we can create for you!

Overland across the high desert in Pampas de Dali, visit the Green Lagoon, hot springs of Polques and bubbling geysers at Sol de Mañana

Observe locals producing salt at the Uyuni flats, a natural wonder of the world- a veritable habitat of volcanic rocks and giant cactus.  

Take the mysterious night train to Villazon, onward to Salinas Grandes, cradle to the legendary barracan, thick llama wool fabric characterized by bright colors
Get to understand the locals’ incredible attachment to the land and ancestral grounds through an immersion in the Andean Puna culture- spend the day in the community and mingle with the residents for an authentic slice of life in Salta

Spot thousands of nesting flamingos at Red Lagoon en route and picnic alongside the lake