It's a Bond-style adventure come to life...where you're the star. This phenomenal journey happening September 1-8 begins in Milan where you'll spend the day at the Monza Formula 1 Track for the first practice session followed by the next two days at the race which you'll view from the VIP Terrace. Onward to discover Milan, on a privately guided walk through the heart of the city and its most impressive sights.

Next up- a tour by Ferrari of the beautiful landscape of Lake Maggiore and its surroundings. Onward to Lake Como....where you'll be chauffeured in a Ferrari for tour through a vivid itinerary comprised of charming towns and villages that reveal the very soul of the region. Linger in Lecco for a while before rolling up in Bellagio where you'll be treated to a private Riva boat tour across the lake. Lunch in Cernobbio before relaxing for the evening. All paired with stellar five-star hotels. Shop at leisure before heading home with bragging rights for life.

Intrigued by this Italian supercar adventure? Contact us at for more info!





We have so much demand for Tahiti but it almost always comes with a hint of trepidation.  Well, we're going to take a minute to debunk some myths because it's ultra fabulous and if you want to go,  you should!

"I really want to go but it's too far".  OK- yes, it's not around the corner but there are nonstop from LA with easy connections from most gateways in the US. And then, when you arrive, we package all of the intra-island airfare in soyou don't have to worry about a thing.

"It's too expensive". Not at all,  there have been some fabulous promotions launched recently at incredible hotels, making it even easier to make that overwater bungalow dream come true.

"I don't know how to plan it".  Yeah, that's where we come in. Let us put it all together for you on one neat, beautifully wrapped package of a journey including on-island activities and off you go.

Ready?  OK- contact us at





Summer's coming, camp is great but traveling on an adventure is incredibly enriching!  Take the kids this year on an unforgettable Norwegian family journey where there's an adventure waiting around every corner.

Everything is taken care of, from transportation to accommodations, experiences and more so you can simply bond with your family and share in these lovely adventures which include:

-Scenic train journeys

-Fjord cruise

-Hiking and biking

-Special family rafting adventure

-Visits to the Viking Ship Museum, family parks and more

This journey can be enjoyed on a private basis or shared group basis with other families... we'll build whatever suits you best.

Contact us for information on this journey or more spectacular family adventures around the world this summer at






It's often said (and loosely translated) that Mozambique enters your blood and never leaves.  Anyone who's been to this energetic and unique place will likely agree wholeheartedly. From the urban complexity of Portuguese-influenced Maputo, to the absolutely untouched pristine beaches of the Bazaruto islands, to the safaris in Gorongosa National Park, all the way to the quaint colonial style feel of the architecture.  

It's a different experience everywhere you turn, literally, and it's no wonder it's Africa's most up and coming tourism destination.  It's one of those best kept secrets that you don't want to spill, yet you feel you have to. Africa enthusiasts have loved its stark contrast to alternative offerings such as safari experiences, some of the world's ultimately pure and pristine beaches, and some of the crystalline waters you'll likely ever see.

What to do? Glad you asked!

-Take a magical mysterious subterranean tour with brilliant snorkelling off Mozambique's low key, remote islands

-Hop a Dhow boat and navigate your way through waterways and mangroves

-Delve deep into Gorongosa National Park or the Niassa Reserve for a unique safari experience

- Get your adventure boots on and scale one of Mozambique's majestic mountains against the Zimbabwe border and feel as though you are looking over the entire continent of Africa

- Discover the enchanting, enigmatic Ibo Island with its crumbling forts, echoes of silence and reminders of challenges past

- Grab a drink at a sidewalk café underneath a jacaranda tree, listen to the sing-song sounds of Portuguese language being spoken and the beats of world music pulsating as you soak up the atmosphere

Let us make magic for you in Mozambique! Contact us at for your customized journey.





here's the Spain experience...and then there's the BASQUE way of doing things.  A curious region with a unique language, flavor, rhythm and culture all its own just waiting to be explored.  It's perhaps best savored on a return visit to Spain, once you've seen all of the major sights and have run around large cities, it's the ideal retreat to simply relax, eat, drink, and enjoy the good life.


We've curated a special Basque In Brilliance journey that weaves together special access to wineries, sips and tastings galore, cooking experiences, food samplings, cultural immersions and beyond.  It can be the perfect end to an aggressive Spain journey or simply extended to allow you to focus on all that's delicious in this brilliant region.


If you're palate is ready, connect with us for information at







Why Zambia? It's a land that is awe-inspiring, secure, vast, and absolutely rich with animals and natural wonders waiting to be explored.  Aside from safari experiences and treks,  you could spend days just marvelling at Victoria Falls, one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world exuding a feeling all its own and a magical world underneath in the tranquil lagoons where hippo and crocodiles lurk.   Or, try out a river cruise along the Zambezi, a village visit to mix with locals, adrenaline-pumping white water rafting ...but whatever you do, do NOT miss Zambia's spectacular sunsets. They are worth every bit of the long journey to get there.  


What to do? Glad you asked! Consider...


-Boarding the "Flight of Angels" for a helicopter tour over Victoria Falls for unforgettable views from a new vantage point


-Trekking through the rainforest with an expert guide who will seek out all manner of flora, fauna and wildlife... raincoats included


-Bungee jump from the Vic Falls Bridge spanning the deep Batoka Gorge with the Falls as a backdrop


-White water raftyour way down the wild Zambezi, or simply cruise it leisurely at sunset Safari... either via vehicle or elephant!


-Travel the Teak Forests and wilderness areas on horseback,  crossing over rivers and camping out under the stars along the banks


-Courage...lions... yes, they go together here when you embark on a lion walk through the bush with a pride of young beasts


So- what can we build for you?  Check in at




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Greece cannot be summed up in a word, or even a sentence. In fact, it would take a book to recount what is often said to be indescribable, from the impossible beauty of the islands, to the ancient historical sights, the warmth of the people, the absolute deliciousness of the food and about a thousand other aspects that make this traveler's paradise so very special.


We've curated some beautiful experiences that offer a beautiful slice of authentic Greek life blended with relaxation, exploration and divine cuisine. For the first timer, we recommend getting adjusted in Athens and spending a night or two with beautiful historical tours conducted by exceptional guides, proceeding on to Mykonos, one of the most well known Greek islands thanks to the vibrant nightlife of the Chora.


But the beauty of the beaches, the variety of quality Greek and international cuisine and the traditional Cycladic architecture and landscape makes it just as much an ideal destination for families as it is for those who want to dance until sunrise. Spend a few nights here and perhaps add on a tour of Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Then, it's time for sumptuous Santorini...a visually stunning phenomenon resplendent with whitewash houses and hotels that carefully hug the rugged hills, and deep azure views out into the sea as far as the eyes can see. Embark on one of our special Food & Wine experiences where you'll have an opportunity to sample some of the island's best wineries and eateries and perhaps round out your stay lazily floating through the waters on board a gorgeous catamaran for some snorkeling and swimming.


Connect with us for a personally crafted experience in Greece- now is the time with summer specials!





Peru is so beautifully complex its nearly unbelievable, just like how delicious and fresh the ceviche is or how magically mystical ancient sites like Machu Picchu truly are.  It's a breathtaking part of the world, that carefully preserves and maintains ancestral tradition with vanguard urban innovation, with delicious food to sample all along the way.  Plus, the values are equally as incredible as the landscape and prospect of adventure.  We're talking nearly 5000 years of history, curious structures, peaks, jungles, sand dunes, festivals and trails to what are you waiting for?



-Meeting up with a celebrated chef who will take you to the market to select fresh ingredients you'll use while assisting her in preparing a typically Peruvian meal in her own personal kitchen


-Opening the door to a private art collectionthat you'll tour with the owner who watches over these treasures and will regale you with the beautiful history of these works


-Trekking in Cusco and Machu Pichu with a top expedition guide and scholar who will share his incredible stories and knowledge of the Incan culture, and take you to explore relatively unknown sights


-Visiting  the home of a master weaverand her community outreach project that helps local woen

Travel in luxury aboard the stylish Hiram Bingham train


So- what can we build for you?  Check in at 





Not sure what to do for your next long weekend? How about our Spain Weekender!


Why Spain? It is passion, in all forms.  A rich traditional history, an incredible zest for life, indulgent and innovative cuisine that takes eating to new levels, impressive scenery and a place where relaxation and appreciation of every moment has been elevated to an art form. It's a place where curious cultures still maintain their unique languages and traditions, yet vanguard architecture leads the way in dynamic design. 


Our 4 night long weekender includes:

-Luxury private transfers

-Rail travel between Madrid, Seville and Cordoba

-City tours

-Accommodations with daily breakfast


Packing a huge punch into a short time frame and let us tempt you with some fabulous suggestions to twist up the experience with immersive culinary, adventure, fashion and history options!  


We've hand selected hotels to pair this journey with at various calibres so just give us a shout if you'd like to see a specially priced program based on your availability!




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Do you have 5 minutes to dream? Sure, we all do! Find a bit of time today and have a look at the most fun page on our site:  RIGHT HERE


Why? Becuase it's filled with amazing inspirational ideas that will have you daydreaming about your ideal journey. Things you never thought would be possible in our Deliciously Divine Ideas section within each country profilewill get your mind running wild and then when you're ready, connect with us at so that our dreammakers can build it all for you.






Here are some things you should know about Africa... 


1. It's gigantic. Have a look to the

right. There is just so much to explore


2. It's incredible, from the safaris to the culture, the music to the food and the true soul.


3. Fantastic destinations like Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are offering amazing deals that will have you checking off several bucket list items all at once.


4.  It will change your life.  


If you've ever wanted to embark on a safari, now is the time at unprecedented rates. 

Contact us at for your custom crafted experience.





Why France?  Chic, hip and always ahead of the fashion curve, yet old-world, traditional and absolutely bubbling over with some of the world's best cuisine and wines, France remains one of the world's beloved destinations.  Love to dine and wine?  It's home to many of the world's best restaurants and wineries.  Want to chill? Try a charming chateau in the countryside.   Want to remain active? Try climbing stunning mountains or biking through adorable villages. Love history?  Walk wide-eyed through magnificent examples of architecture. And, just want to feel absolutely in love with a city that you can walk endlessly through, seeing something different around every corner ?  Then immerse yourself in Paris.  


Here are some of our deliciously divine ideas to consider, what can we build for you?


-Learn how to cook alongside a culinary master in his own home kitchen, then dine on the gorgeous meal talking all things culinary over dinner


-Embark on a delicious chocolate and pastry making tour in Paris, sampling as you saunter


-Take an early morning hot air balloon ride over the idyllic Loire Valley with a champagne toast, to find a gorgeous breakfast set up for you upon landing, to be enjoyed in the crisp morning air


-Gain exclusive access to private tasting rooms at some of France's most celebrated wineries


-Go climb a mountain...literally- from small hills to the most challenging treks, our experts can organize the thrill of a lifetime


-Take an afternoon river cruise on the Garonne, stopping in at medieval villages and wine estates along the way


-Spend the night in a gorgeous chateau and dine with an aristocratic family that has opened up their home to you



Contact us now at for your specially curated France jaunt...





The Honeymoon- it's the time in one's life where eveyrthing is perfect- a bubble of bliss that we love to create for couples seeking the journey of a lifetime. Some come to us seeking pure relaxation, while others search for extreme adventure and nonstop thrills.  Here's a bit of what we're currently working on for some of our esteemed engaged clients...if you're inspired, connect with us for your own personalized romantic journey at


MAGICAL MOROCCO- Sexy, sultry sojourns here often times include a twist on the traditional honeymoon including a stay at Dar Ahlam's mystical retreat combined with a night at their exceptional desert camp for dining under the stars by the fire, and an overnight in a lavish tent.


CURIOUS COSTA RICA- For the true adventurists at heart! From Volcano explorations to heart pounding white water rafting, yoga to hiking, market shopping and cooking experiences followed by surfing lessons and then downtime at the beach, this Central American experience packs a huge punch.


SOUTH AFRICA FOR THE SENSES- Couples here love to blend the wonder of a safari expeirence with the good life in the winelands....whether it's sipping and tasting or even making their own blend, infusing memorable cultural experiences in Cape Town and Johannesburg along with upscale dining in special locations. Plus, right now there's never been a better time for value for the dollar!


INDIAAAAAAHHHH.....- Some prefer the more traditional Golden Triangle with Delhi and the Taj Mahal, while other couples are loving the idea of Kerala...remote, serene, where days are filled with Ayurvedic spa treatments and perhaps a jaunt on one of the area's traditional houseboats for extreme privacy and moonlight sails along the famed backwaters 






There are certain words in other languages that just cannot be directly translated in English. Take schadenfreude in German for instance, a feeling of pleasure gained via someone else's misfortune; ilunga, from the African language of Tshiluba, when loosely translated describes someone who will neither forgive nor forget a repeated wrong.


And then, in Portuguese there is the galão. This blissful beverage that elicits instant effervescent happiness is simple enough in its composition but incredibly difficult to describe exactly how delicious and uniquely flavored it truly is. It's the kind of drink that takes you aback and makes you want to say "you had me at first sip" as it's the perfect balance of ¾ hot foamed milk and ¼ espresso that somehow just tastes completely different in Portugal than in it does when recreated anywhere else in the world.


To be Portuguese is to live in a heightened state of all-consuming coffee culture. It was Portugal that actually even introduced coffee to Brazil by the King of Portugal centuries ago whereas most would tend to assume it was the other way around. It was brought to Brazil where it could be grown in massive volume and turned right back around to Europe, and now it's literally a part of the fabric everywhere across the country.  In restaurants, perpetually buzzing cafes, clubs, museums, side streets, universities, homes and vending machines and is a daily ritual for most citizens, beginning early on in life.Coffee is more of an event, a social occasion even if only to meet someone and sip an espresso quickly while standing up at a café, it is a way to end (or even begin) a great meal and a means by which to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

The galão is truly best enjoyed a café in Lisbon. My choice would be a charming place called Pastelaria Suica in Rossio Square in the center of the city which incidentally served as a meeting point during World War II where exiles could negotiate their tickets to Switzerland and thus to freedom.   

Outdoor seat, preferably facing a bustling square, aluminum table with just one leg slightly off kilter due to the uneven grooves of the cobblestone streets beneath your feet, tabletop covered by a waxy sheet of tablecloth paper, chair perfectly positioned outward in prime people-watching position. A galão is always served steaming hot in a tall glass, steam and gorgeous aromas arising constantly and one must take great care not to burn fingers. The sugarphobe in me always seems to take a hiatus when the concoction appears on a menu, because to have it just absolutely right, one must succumb to the multiple cubes that must be added to achieve the perfect balance.


Since a galão almost always must be accompanied by an obligatory sweet of some sort, order a traditional pastel da nata and enjoy that while waiting for your drink to cool. Then, sip or gulp, and enjoy the galão, the views on the street, and everything else that goes along with this charming city and stay as long as you want as most café waiters in Portugal will never bother you to move even if you decide to spend hours on just one drink.


If you can't hop the pond but find yourself in the New York metro area, hop a train or a taxi to the heavily Portuguese Ironbound section of Newark and take a stroll down to Delicia's Bakery on Ferry Street. It's about as close as one can get to the Lisbon experience, but there's still that tiny bit that's missing, that certain something that just can't be translated...


Want your perfectly curated Portugal experience?  Connect with us at





e of those bucket list destinations that is so other-worldly that it can hardly be described. It's a place you have to see, feel, touch and explore to truly understand and its memorable treasures will stay in your mind forever.


We have access to three special departures that feature significant savings of up to $1000 per person*, combined with mainland Ecuador tours for a complete experience.


Choose from:

-April 24-May 16, a 14 day program combining 7 days on land, and a 7 day cruise)

-July 13-July 23, or July 9-19, an 11 day program combining 6 days on land, and a 5 day cruise

-December 24- January 3, an 11 day program combining 6 days on land, and a 5 day cruise


Space is limited and this wont last long- contact us at info@explorateurjourneys.comfor information!





Norway is about as picture perfect as it gets, and in recent months it's surely moved up to the top of the family vacation bucket list, especially if you have a child who's seen the movie FROZEN (who hasn't!), or if you're like us in the northeast US living in unbearable temperatures at the moment...

It's a nearly impossible task to accurately describe the natural beauty of the majestic fjords, the rich verdant landscape, the blinding white snowcapped peaks, the charismatic villages, stark urban design, and fresh air so crisp you want to spend hours just breathing it in.   Certainly not for the faint of heart when budget is concerned, but once you go you completely agree it was worth the spend.

Get in the know with Norway, we've got the key to this ice palace. We begin in Oslo with a tour of the city that opens you up to a better understanding of the rich Norwegian heritage, moving on to a flight up to the Arctic Circle for an exquisite view of the Northern Lights while overnighting in a traditional small lodge where you can snowmobile and dog sled til your heart's content. Meet and interact with the Sami tribal people, see how they maintain their semi-nomadic lifestyles and ancient rituals for an experience you'll never forget.


Don't get left out in the cold- connect with us for your perfect Norway experience at





Summer is around the corner...what are you going to do with the kids? Take them someplace amazing, that's what....and we're going to show you how to do it so that you all come back with the best brag-worthy moments to share with your friends! Here are just a few ideas of what's possible- we'd love to craft something special for you that works for your entire family!


ROME- Meet a chef, get access to one of the top pizzerias in the city and stand in his kitchen at his workspace and make your own pizza. From tossing the dough in the air to adorning it with fresh healthy ingredients, to having it baked and served at your family's own private table for a great lunch, it's a complete experience that kids love. Pair that with a private kid-friendly tour of the Vatican or Sistine Chapel with one of our top guides who presents art in a fun way that they can understand, scavenger hunt included


DUBAI- Did you know that there's an entire "city" for children called Kidzania, where kids rule- they can get "jobs" , or tasks rather such as delivering express envelopes to stores, they can do manicures, learn how to bake shortbread, see how soda is bottled, make their own perfume and more to earn currency and learn how things work in the world of employment and responsibility.  If that's not enough for a day, you can take your children skiing and ice skating indoors, in the middle of a desert.

That just never gets old.


VANCOUVER- This entire city is like a gigantic park unto itself- with gorgeous places to roam, sail, run, walk a dog, explore, and just be active just like so many of its inhabitants. The Four Seasons does a fantastic job of bringing the kids into the kitchen, meeting the pastry chef and allowing them to decorate gorgeous cakes and dip strawberries in the most divine chocolate while touring a kitchen and understanding how it all works.


SOUTH AFRICA- There's no better way to connect with wildlife at it's purest level than on a safari. We work with a variety of lodges that have exceptional programs for children that help them understand the concepts of conservation while bringing you and your family closer together by sharing one of these exceptional viewing experiences. An incredible way to bond- plus with the amazing advantageous exchange rate for foreign travelers heading into SA, there's never been a better time.


Chat with us at for a custom kid-friendly program!





When I was a child, one of the first "big kid" chapter books I read was called Moroccan Mystery.  After that, I had the good fortune of traveling there on a family vacation (probably due to my incessant begging, not that my very travel savvy parents had to have their arms twisted too much), and I was hooked ever since.  It was like a gigantic mysterious door that I couldn't wait to walk through.

What makes Morocco so cool? Perhaps it's the way itwelcomes visitors into a magical land full of curious sights, sounds and architecture. Or it's unique position at the crossroads of Africa & Europe, blended with a Middle Eastern cultural vibe.  Morocco is so much more than incredibly unique shopping experiences in magical souks, it is deserts beckoning the adventurist, snow capped mountains to be trekked. Medieval medinas obsessed with being explored and soft sands against lapping shores.  Go ahead, walk through one of the fabulous, ubiquitous doors to your own personalized Morocco experience.


-FILM BUFF?  Explore Ouarzazate's incredible backdrops where movies such as Lawrence of Arabia were filmed

-GO GLAMPING- Camp out under the stars after a desert dinner where locals serenade you and enchant you with their stories, after a day of 4x4 trekking through the dunes

-HIT THE WAVES- Kitesurf the shores at the chilled, sun-bleached beaches of Dakhla

-SOUK THIS!- Get your bargaining hat on and travel through the Djemaa el Fna souk with an expert negotiator. Check out our bargaining tips at   

-HERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU KID-  No visit to Casablanca is complete without sitting down for a coffee at the famed Rick's Café

So- what can we build for you?  Check in at





It begins with a tango, a slice of city life and a bit of Buenos Aires to tempt tour cultural palate with a stay at one of the sexiest hotels in the city, the Faena and a dip into the fascinating blended culture of the city. Then, you're on to Salta where you'll be treated to a visit to Cafayate, a wine producing region in the northwest of the country. Set in the Calchaqui Valley, it's arguably the best wine region in the country outside of Mendoza.

Taste the Malbec and be treated to jaw dropping views and organic and traditional winery visits. Travel historic highways and visit ancient enchanted sights along the way... then, it's on to Mendoza- the jewel of the wine trade in Argentina where over 70% of the country's best wine is produced. Discover the grape known as Malbec that enchants so many and head out on a multi day jaunt where you'll be visiting the best wineries in Lujan de Cuyo and the Uco Valley...tastings included!

Avid for an Argentina wine adventure? Connect with us at for pricing and information.






I always feel so fortunate to be able to return to Africa again and again...though it's usually for work, this past week was focused on pure immersion in South Africa with my family and some dear friends who were seeing this magical country for the first time. There were 3 children in total, ages 6, 7 and 13 and it was beautiful to see how overwhelmed they were with the incredible experiences that this country is filled with, and if you're looking for ways to influence potential family clients on what there is to do and see in South Africa, I'll share one of our most special days with you.

While in Cape Town, I organized a Cape Malay Cooking Safari, one of the many experiential options that we feature in our vast portfolio of immersions that twist up any trip. We began with a lovely lady named Zainie that took us spice shopping in the vibrant Bo-Kaap where brightly colored houses and smiling faces welcome you while you smell gorgeous aromas around nearly every corner.

Then, it was onto Zainie's home and personal kitchen, where we all rolled up our sleeves and participated in everything from folding our own samosas, creating the perfect Cape Malay chicken curry, rolling dough to make our own roti and more, all the while hearing the beautiful stories of her culture, her history as a chef, and what daily life is like in this quarter. The children were incredibly engaged, mainly because they were encouraged to roll their sleeves up same as the adults and get involved in the cooking, and during the breaks, Zainie's trampoline outside in her courtyard surrounded by plentiful trees to climb kept them happy.      

When we all sat down to eat what we had prepared, it was equally as delicious as it was special, to have shared this experience with our families and children, and such an interesting person in the warmth of her home.