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In France, there certainly is no shortage of absolutely fabulous ways for one to spend their time. However, the Perching Bar is truly the definition of haute fabuleaux (no pun intended), because you are, in fact, sipping a gorgeous selection of champagnes 18 feet above ground in a positively glamorous treehouse.

15 minutes from Reims (or 45 from Paris) puts you in the heart of Parc Arboxygene, which in itself is a bit of a haven for zip-liners and jungle acrobats alike. 10 more minutes of upward trekking which includes a stint on a suspended wooden footbridge and you’ve arrived at what is certainly one of the most unique outposts in the world. Inside, they’ve kept it classic rustic treehouse with a dab of chic- we’re talking stilts, comfortable furniture, modern designs carved into the wooden benches surrounding the perimeter, and sexy low-lighting at night which makes for a fairy tale-like setting. If your inner child isn’t convinced yet, they’ve even got rope-handle swings hanging from the ceiling.

Whether you sample the menu or simply want to soak in the incredibly lush views, entrance is 15 Euro (1 glass of bubbly included), and you definitely want to be there to see or be seen on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. Just delightful…