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BLOWUP HALL 5050- Poland

What do you get when you fuse a dash of inspiration drawn from the 1966 British-Italian cult art film Blowup with futuristic electronic designs crafted by famed Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, monumental photography from Holland and iridescent installations from Spain? Why…the most futuristic hotel in Poland (of course). Blow Up Hall 50 50- A combination of luxury, hi-tech, the finest design, and the top in personal artistic experimentation.

Let’s start with the sexy low-lit lobby. You won’t find any room keys here, or even a reception area. Instead, you’re given an iPhone which will guide you to your room and will open your door via electronic command. Open e-Sesame….or something like that.

Rooms here are sleek, one never knows exactly what you’re going to get until your handy gadget directs you but they’ve got all of your creature comforts in place, surrounded in hip décor. There’s plenty to do around the area, especially if you love to shop as it’s just minutes from one of the top shopping centers in the world, as well as the lively Old Market Square with a huge selection of bars and restaurants. Browsing not your thing? Then have a steam or a massage back at the hotel before heading down to the ultra-chic bar replete with galactic style designs and hypnotic lighting. 50% art, 50% complementary elements, and 100% intrigue.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- - Complimentary room upgrade*, bottle of sparkling wine in room upon arrival + late check out. Email for more info and as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!

*subj to availability