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Do you know where the colorful Caravelle Peninsula lies on Martinique? Can you point out the spot where the volcanic Mt. Pele looms over the island? Find out the answers in our Martinique Match Game and your newfound knowledge could be your ticket to the Caribbean! You could win a 5 day stay for two at the beachside Carayou Hotel and Spa, airfare and spa passes included!

After you try your luck in the Match Game, check out the special deals that will have you in the "Flower of the Caribbean" in no time! With flights from JFK and connections throughout San Juan, its easy for Americans to get in on the vacation destination Europeans have enjoyed for decades. Package deals include a 5-Night Escape + Air from only $205/Night* and 5 Nights of Luxury + Airfare for just $1307!*

For the more adventurous, there's even a 5-Night Scuba Package starting at just $495*

Do your research. In Martinique, the catch of the day is never complete without its own creative French-Creole twist, and the best of Paris fashions can be found during a day of window shopping in Fort-de-France. And that's not all! Imagine scuba diving and snorkeling near beautiful Diamond Rock, staying in quaint beach-front chateaux, and wandering the lively village streets full of exciting cafes. Martinique is truly the best place to find the Art of Living in the Caribbean.

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In Martinique, your taste buds travel too...Martinique is steeped in history and its cuisine is a marriage of French and Creole with a wealth of exciting Indian and African influences mixed in. Food options and unique dining experiences abound, from roadside stands selling BBQ chicken wings created from a secret recipe that includes sugar cane syrup, to sweet , fresh lobster served at a seaside restaurant, accompanied by Ti Punch, the favorite island cocktail of white rum, sugar cane syrup and a lime.

Tour de Forks is delighted to present this unique gourmet adventure in the beautiful Caribbean island of Martinique. The 6 day/5 night tropical tour happening August 26-31 includes palm trees, sunshine, gorgeous beaches, foie gras, fish curry, the world's best rum, and more!


-Outstanding accommodations at Plein Soleil, a gorgeous boutique hotel

-Private tours & tastings at the 18th century Clement rum distillery and the AOC designated Neisson distillery

-Excursion to Fort de France market and culinary demonstration at Plein Soleil with renowned Chef Ducteil

-Full Day catamaran excursion to Josephine's Bathtub, the sandbar where legend has it that Napoleon's Creole wife Josephine came to bathe!

-The expertise and warmth of our guide: food , drink, and travel writer Chantal Martineau

6 days/5 nights from $1,700.00 per person. For further information and to make your reservation today, please contact Tour de Forks at 888 345 3005 or a Luxury Travel Website offers online travel guide including hot travel tips and luxury travel destinations across the world.