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OK- we not only dislike checking fact, we LOATHE it with a passion. It's the worst. We're the folks that have always been able to gallavant from one country to another with 4 pair of shoes, 5 outfits, a laptop & toiletries easily set inside a carry-on and with our "IT CAN TOO FIT IN THE OVERHEAD-JUST WATCH ME" attitude, we've always gotten around just fine. In comes the liquid ban and bam, our whole pattern was turned upside down. This is why we love the concept at Luggage Concierge. Yes, they ship your luggage for you and it's there when you arrive. Simple as that. If you can:

1. Log on & enter your info

2. Enter the sizes/shapes of your bags

3. Fill in the number of bags

4. Enter address of where you're going to be

5. Enter travel dates

Then you too can put an end of waiting for the carrousel to move & wasting precious moments at baggage claim that should clearly be used for more important things like exploring. They'll even provide baggage insurance. Sheer baggage brilliance.